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by Toni Höltke

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by RMSKempten

Only in ADM: Isoangular sections

The option to make isoangular sections is a unique selling point of the ADM software package. It gives the user the option of displaying intensities at the same diffraction angles from different diffractograms. This enables a visual representation of the intensity curve of identical interferences in several diffractograms and thus increases the efficiency in the analysis of material samples.

One application is the analysis of multiple components in a substance at different temperatures to follow reactions. The following 3D representation shows several diffractograms at synthesis temperatures between 600 and 640 degrees Celsius, which contain the quartz, calcite and wollastonite phases. The formation reaction of wollastonite from calcite and quartz  can be seen very well in the isoangular section (second image).

In the isoangular sections , the transformation of the phases can be seen very well (point of intersection):

No other analysis program offers you as many possibilities as ADM. Download your free trial today!

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by RMSKempten

Interview in Wiley Analytical Science Magazine

Róisín Murtagh, Editor for Wiley Analytical Science Magazine, interviews Dr. Alfred Wasserman,
Owner and CEO of RMSKempten. The subject of the interview is X-ray diffraction (XRD) and its development over the years.

The full article can be downloaded from the downloads page.

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by RMSKempten

External tests confirm the quality of our laboratory results

Interlaboratory comparisons serve the external quality assurance of measurement and testing laboratories. Identical samples are sent to several laboratories, which have to analyze it under specified conditions. The reference institute for bioanalysis carries out annual  tests on urinary stone analyses.

By successfully participating in the current test of the reference institute for bioanalysis, the XRD laboratory from RMSKempten was once again able to demonstrate its efficiency.

The quality of the XRD urinary stone analyzes from RMSKempten has been confirmed by a certificate for the seventh time in a row.

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by RMSKempten

Phase analysis of a riverbank sand

The Iller flows directly in front of the RMSKempten laboratory. In addition to water, the Iller transports large amounts of sediment from the Alps downstream. These are stored on the shore along the river as sand.

Our XRD tells us what this sand is made of:


This analysis was performed with ADM Suite. Download your free trial here.

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by RMSKempten

RMSKempten: XRD analytics as a service

With X-ray diffractometry (XRD analysis), your samples can be examined non-destructively. The method offers many possibilities for characterizing the samples:

  • Which chemical compounds (phases) and in what proportions is your sample composed of? (phase analysis)
  • Which crystallite sizes do the identified phases show? (crystallite size and microstress analysis)
  • What is the degree of crystallinity of the individual phases?
  • What are the stresses and strains in your sample (residual stress analysis by measuring the distortion of the metal lattice)?
  • Are there preferred crystallographic orientations in your samples (orientation and texture analysis)?

The XRD analysis offers answers to many questions. Contact us! The RMSKempten laboratory offers you an XRD analysis tailored to your needs.

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by RMSKempten

Immediate Whole Pattern Analysis

When opening a measurement file, ADM immediately presents the analysis of the entire diffractogram. You use all diffraction information and are not tied to one or a few peaks.

Learn more about ADM and get the free trial in your lab today!

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