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ADM V8 new features

  • All analysis options have been revised, the reporting and documentation modules expanded or renewed
  • ADM-Connect: A laboratory computer controls several diffractometers and manages the data acquisition from different goniometers.
  • Supported measurement file formats:

    * .sc (ADM, RMSKempten)

    * .xrdml (Panalytical)

    * .raw (Brukker, STOE)

    * .pow (STOE)

    * .nja (Seifert, Eigenmann)

    * .njc (Seifert, Eigenmann)

  • Crystallite size determination: The calculation of the crystallite size has been expanded from the Gaussian distribution (Scherrer) and Lorenz distribution (Warren) to include the individual device profile. Thus, crystallite size determinations in the nano range are now much more reliable:

  • The transfer of measurement parameters from the source file to the target file for profile modifications (α1 / α2 stripping, addition, subtraction, etc.) has been optimized.
  • ADM-Base and Xpads (phase analysis) can now be run in parallel.
  • The phase analysis now also shows the quantity distribution graphically:

  • Missing parameters in the quantitative determination are clearly marked for the user:

  • The calculation of references from structural parameters has been integrated (ADM_Cell).

  • The creation of own databases from published CIF files (COD database) is supported.